About Us

Room8 is a place built for students and by students to bring social to students’ accommodation. In our
research we found that securing students’ accommodation is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Only traditional media was used to advertise accommodation to university students, and boy were
the adverts misleading! Soon we realised how frustrating and inconvenient it was for students who
wanted to find a place to stay from far away. Above all there were so many underlying social issues
that had to be addressed in how students shared the accommodation available. As such we believed
that to tackle these social problems we would need every muscle in society, and let’s face it, where
ones stays is the axle upon which their social life is anchored.
So Room8 sort to become a place where all interested parties would converge in an attempt to
improve the lives of students who would live off-campus by allowing such to build a living area of their
convenience and handcraft their experiences to the best of their capabilities. Imagine what 4 years of
tertiary education would be when you can choose where you stay, what it will look like and who you
get to stay with? We hope it is not too hard to imagine that. And if it is, we hope to paint the picture
just right! Because we believe in the right to freedom, and that it is with freedom that greatness is
born, we want to see Room8 bringing out the greatness in students. With such a powerful tool
everyone has the chance to make everything much better.

Our Team

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